Friday, December 16, 2016

The Search for Civilization Continues

I have been trying for two weeks now to have a good bowl of soup at lunchtime. Not a great bowl of soup - I have not been going to 5-star restaurants - but the inability to get a good bowl of soup amazes me.

I have been to Subway, Culvers, Panera's, uncountable Chinese restaurants, other sandwich shops, and many more. Most of these seem to think they are making stews out of soup ingredients. I have never had so many thick cream soups that are supposed to be broth soups. Once I did try cheddar broccoli which was supposed to be a cream soup and it was so thick it could have passed for a chili.

The Chinese soups were mostly nice brothy soups, but usually, they were completely lacking flavor. I had one the other day that I had very high hopes for. It was a wonton soup that had pork, shrimp, and chicken in it, as well as noodles, onions, carrots, and mushrooms. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? It wasn't. How with that many ingredients can there be almost no flavor at all? Even the broth had very little flavor, it could have been water.

Why is it so hard to make soup? Sorry; let me rephrase that question. Why is it so hard to make good soup? It's a moneymaker; so many servings from one preparation. Every ingredient is full of flavor and the end result should be as well. I just don't understand it.

With the inability to find a good soup the search for civilization continues. If you can recommend a good local soup please do.

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