Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Mornings...

Let me start by saying how much I love my family. They are the reason I live, the reason I get up every morning and go to work, and the reason I come back home at night. I can't imagine my life without them. That said though weekend mornings are a time I wouldn't trade for anything.

It seems that I naturally wake around 6:30 whether or not I have to get up. During the workweek when my alarm goes off at 5:15, this is a problem because I really don't want to get up, and very often I don't until much closer to 6:00 which sometimes makes me late for work. On the weekends though being awake before anyone else makes for a peaceful time that I look forward to all week.

This morning is a perfect example. I woke up at 6:26 and grabbed all of the tech off my nightstand. You know all those things you have to charge every night or they spend the next day annoying you because they don't work properly, and went out to the living room. I set that menagerie on the dining room table, annoyed the dog, who likes to wake up later than I do. This always seemed strange to me since she spends most of the day sleeping. The next stop is the kitchen. My mornings always start with a good cup of coffee, no, strike that. My mornings always start with a cup of coffee but it isn't always good. I can't properly express the pleasure of brewing that first pot, especially in the quiet of an early weekend morning. It's always the same water, filter, grounds, smell, taste. Today is particularly nice because I can take my coffee out onto the back patio and enjoy it.

Most of the time Michigan is slightly uncomfortable, for nine months it's too cold and for two months it's too hot but for a few weeks in the spring and autumn, it's perfect. It's either 60 or 50 degrees right now depending on whether you chose to believe the thermometer on my garage or the widget on the home screen of my phone. The birds are singing and everything else is quiet even our street, which is very busy for a neighborhood side street, is traffic-free this early.

It's after 8 now and the boys will wake up soon and I will spend the next hour or so trying to keep them quiet so that my wife can sleep a little longer. She gets up early all week long, gets the boys to school, and runs this household like a fine watch. I know she enjoys sleeping in as much as I enjoy getting up before anyone else so I try to give her as much time as she wants. We have a lot of work to do around the house and yard, yesterday was a long day of it and she deserves every minute of sleep she can get.

The first pot of coffee is now gone, which doesn't take long when you use a 20oz coffee cup, and It's time to start welcoming the rest of the world to my day. Take a minute and look at your world, find what you enjoy and those you enjoy sharing it with, and smile. No matter what else happens, no matter how bad things might seem. There are always those times and those people to make it all worthwhile.

ADHD moment - rabbit! The largest rabbit I have ever seen just banged its way through the gate and onto our back driveway. I really do love this time of day.

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