Thursday, July 13, 2017

Musical Moods, Songs and Such.

That's the complete list of the songs that are currently on my mood playlist, the songs I turn to daily. These are the songs that mean the most to me right now and I hope you enjoyed them.
These songs, and many others throughout the years have formed the soundtrack of my life, the music I can listen to over and over yet always pick up some new nuance, some twist of music or vocals which I had not noticed before.

I hope that those of you who have followed along, and gave each song the open minded listen I asked you to, have discovered some great music. More than that though I hope you have taken a deeper look into the lyrics and the emotion played out in these songs.

I know when I listen to them I can lose myself in the stories, in the very emotions, they bring. I use them as a lens to study my own life and emotions, though certainly perspective can be a very dangerous thing. Still, while no one should try to compare themselves or their lives to fiction, whether that be a movie, a book, or a song, the sense that there are shared experiences and you aren't going through life in a singular unique world can go a long way toward expanding your thoughts and making whatever you're currently dealing with much more tolerable.

If you have a Spotify account here is a link to the playlist I built, that I listened to continuously, while writing these posts.

Spotify Mood Playlist


  1. Music is a very powerful thing, and the songs that you have chosen have so much meaning both in their top lyrics and song as well as their deeper meanings when one takes a moment to really listen to them with their heart.

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